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Habbo Splash
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Come in and see what in for you!


HabboSplash Event Update!

Just a quick update on the Habboshed Becs and Totally night, What a night! Why not make your comments or view some screen shots? Click HERE now! You could also view what special event is up to come on the 23rd December 2005. Two Days Before Christmas!
15 Dec 2005 by Rarey


Hello There! We need your help with something which will go towards the Habboshed forums. It includes
the Habboshed Power hour show and the DJ Dan and DJ Blonde Show! All you need to do is create a banner for either one of the shows and then post them in the competition section on the forum. This could be winning you 10 Rep points on the Habboshed forums and a little rare form my hand on Habbo UK. Click
HERE for more info.. Good Luck and don't forget this competition ends on the 19th December 2005!
12 Dec 2005 by Rarey

Forum Hunt

With the new forum up we have a special hunt for you.
Not only can you win Habbo Furni but ALSO rep points for the forum. So I suggest you click the forum link to the side, register on the forum and look out for the Forum Hunt starting tomorrow.

What ? Your still reading this, are you off your rocker!
12 Dec 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

This Weeks Newsie

Welcome to this weeks HabboShed newsletter, this week has been and gone and what a week it has been! This has got to be my most packed week so far. First we had HabboShed Lottery and Premium opening, then we had the newsie during the week ( sorry.. ) then we had DJ Floyd, followed by the Lottery entries. I think I need a good rest and watch OFI Sunday tonight! But I carn't rest for too long as we have another exciting week coming up.

This Wednesday we have DJ Becs, with a fantastic Christmas show! Not only do we have DJ Becs but also we have the *NEW* Forum launched, just click the Forum link on the right and join the Shed Community.

But it isnt all Hello, Goodies... as we say goodbye to the HabboShed Lottery for a few weeks. This weeks draw was a trial and we have made the decision to put this event on hold untill Christmas is over!

The competitions are also changing in the newsletter, we have took the competitions away and brought in a listener article section. To send your article in go onto the Forum, register up and PM me a article about anything ( well not anything ) for instance we dont want to know about your nan that spends all night infront of the tv watching des and mel and suddenly won 10000 on bingo! So make sure your article is about HabboShed or Habbo, and watch that spelling and punctuation!

Nearly to the end of this weeks newsletter now, just time to add the staff article and this weeks article is from: DJ Micky, HabboShed Admin and Forum Admin;
"Hey Guys,

Im Micky, I'm the Head Tech and Forum manager at Habboshed! For my job here at habboshed you need to know a thing or two about the web and just general knowlage on computers. Like i need to know HTML and PHP so i can make the world on habboshed Better.
As being the forum manager i need to keep the forum up to date and safe. Why not come down to the forum? Its great! Loads of people to meet and talk to E.t.c!

But having you here makes my life much better so i can be with you listeners and DJ's. You keep my world spinning! Keep watching habboshed for some of my creations because i have LOADS of ideas for it! Make sure you come down to the Forum now and speak to me!"

Thankyou for reading, Adios ShallowHole
11 Dec 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter


Oh ye! Its Friday which means we have a fun-full packed night tonight, here is just a snap of some of the events we have tonight!
  • DJ Floyd - Joins us live at 19:00-20:00
  • HabboShed Lottery - During DJ Blondes Show 20:00-21:00
  • HabboShed Premium Lottery - During DJ Blondes Show 20:00-21:00
All of the above events have a huge article about them, scroll down to read it. But dont be reading for too long you may miss the events!
09 Dec 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

Update - Lottery

Oh yes! Finally after 7 days ( 168 hours ) all the lottery premium numbers have been sold. Below are the Habbo's, who have the 1/6 chance of winning 5HC along with there lucky numbers:
  • buffboybuff ~ 3
  • 77th ~ 5
  • Soppy. ~ 2
  • Soppy. ~ 4
  • nicci ~ 1
  • db ~ 6
Thankyou to the above Habbo's for entering this draw, your donation will help HabboShed !

PLEASE NOTE: Both draws the normal draw, and the premium draw will be taking place at the later time of around 20:20 during DJ Blonde's show. We appologies for this re-schedule however DJ Floyd's show is going to be CRAZY!
08 Dec 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter


Oh yes, the one the only.. DJ Floyd will be joining us for a special christmas show on Friday. His show is from 7:00 till 8:00pm GMT on Friday 9th December 2005 the show is going to rock down the Habboshed studio walls! So I suggest you stop putting up the christmas tree and listen to our Floyd!

The Friday Line up is as Following:
3:00 - DJ Danny
4:00 - DJ Dazeh
5:00 - DJ Nicci
6:00 - DJ Statix
7:00 - DJ Floyd
8:00 - DJ Blonde
9:00 - DJ Glitzen
10:00 - DJ Dan
11:00 - DJ Afrian

Don't Miss the Becs Christmas Special - Wednesday 14th!
07 Dec 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

This Weeks Newsie

Is this actually happening? A newsie has been published, wow! Yes, thats right no Rarey it isnt christmas yet but their is a new HabboShed newsie. Wait, before you all click on another page just continue reading. So excuses, excuses... I havent published a newsie for ages because... The Shed was down, Ive been too busy opening all my advent calendar windows the day before I should and let me just give another excuse those casino's can get very addictive!

But now ive managed to stop betting for 30 minutes and write a newsletter, or I may get the sack. Anyway before my tongue drops off because of my blabbing I shall talk about something interesting. The HabboShed Lotterys are now in full swing. We have (2) to choose from, the normal free draw and the premium draw, so go enter one of them - but only when youve read this newsie. Ok, what else is on my list.. Oh Yes! Didnt you see the DJ Application banner if not look above this article and you shall see it. Finally the last thing on my list to talk about is um... who can it be. No Sharon its not Chico its DJ Floyd! Yes DJ Floyd will be joining us shortly for more details read the lovely ( horrible ) article Rarey is writting as I speak.

Ok so ive said the three things I need to say all thats left for me to do is to appologies for not having a staff article or a competition. This is because DJ Blonde isnt online to hand me over the article and also the server change has deleted the competition entry line so I shall get that fixed for next weeks newsletter, which I PROMISE will be released on Sunday.

Thanks for reading, Goodbye!
06 Dec 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

Donations Needed

Hi, we currently have competitions running in total we have 7HCs currently up for grabs. However we cannot do these without your donations.
You have TWO ways to donate:
  • By entering HabboShed Premium, cost 1HC however you have 17% of winning 5HC back.
  • Donating from the goodness of your heart, search ShallowHole
      Please donate as much as possible, these competitions will have to stop unless we are able to get donations.
      Thankyou !
    • 04 Dec 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

      HabboSplash Lottery Premium

      So you want to play with the big boys then eh? This Lottery is strictly for Premium Shedders, it gives Habbo's the chance to win 5HCs a week and you have a fantastic 1/6 chance of winning! So how exactly do you join? Well Ill explain ( This draw is NOT free )....

      To start your journey simply friend request HS-Premium on Habbo UK, if there are enough places left you will be accepted shortly (1-20 hours) you will then be messaged asking to give YOUR 1HC SOFA ENTRY FEE. Once you have paid you will be supplied with a number 1-6. The draw takes place after the normal free draw at around 19:50 (GMT) on Friday's. This room will be strictly for Premium players, you will be messaged the password to the room around 1 hour before the draw. We hope you enjoy this NEW style lottery.

      Terms and conditions: 1. This draw is not free 2. HabboSplash has the right to change, delay or cancel any draw at any time 3. Chance of winning is 1/6 per entry 4. Numbers will be supplied to you, you are not allowed to select a number 5. The prize is 5HC a week 6. The 6th HC is used for competitions and events in HabboShed 7. One entry per computer, if we catch you cheating you will be banned from the site and reported to Habbo for using clones to win a competition 8. By entering this competition you agree to obey the competition rules 9. Refunds not available.
      02 Dec 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

      HabboSplash Lottery

      Presenting the newest, most exciting biggest prized event in HabboShed history! The HabboSplash Lottery... Starting as from Decemeber 2nd 2005 we will be holding a HabboSplash Friday Lottery during DJ Rarey's PowerHour.

      HabboSplash Lottery could not be simpler to play, all you need is a Habbo account and a working console, nothing else! To take part simply friend request, HS-DRAW on Habbo UK. Your friend request will be accepted on the following days: SUNDAY, TUESDAY and THURSDAY! When your friend request has been accepted simple console message HS-DRAW with your 4 chosen numbers (1-6) See example: 1,5,6,3. Please do NOT send any words in your message or you shall be eliminated from that weeks draw. The numbers are the only important thing not the order, for example if you send by console message 1,5,6,3 and the dices rolled revealed the numbers 3,6,1,5 you would still win.

      You must only send ONE message to HS-DRAW you cannot send numbers again if you change your mind, if someone has already took your 4 numbers you will be contacted back asking for another 4. The draw will be every FRIDAY at 7:50 during DJ Rarey's PowerHour to see the draw live search ShallowHole at around 7:40. The prize starts at 1HC, If we have no winner it will be rolled over and the prize will be increased by 0.5HC each week. However we have a limit of 2HC Jackpot in this free draw, for bigger prizes see the Premium Draw!

      Goodluck, ShallowHole
      30 Nov 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

      We're backkkkkk!

      Hey everyone,

      We've now finished moving about! If your reading this, then you shouldn't experience any more problems accessing the site from now onwards!

      Keep rocking guys!
      - l33tish
      29 Nov 2005 by l33tish


      Event Feedback

      Howdeh, I am sorry for interupting your rare buying however being a new event manager and all I need to know what events you like! So please fill in my simply questionnaire and send it to
      1. Do you like giveaways ?
      2. Do you like hunts i.e find the missing furni ?
      3. Do you like radio events held by DJs ?
      4. Please add on a comment about previous events and events we should do in the future.

      Thankyou for taking the time to help improve HabboSplash Events... Look out for your idea in 2006!
      24 Nov 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

      Mid Week-Updates

      Its Wednesday and thats means only one thing its time for a mid week update. Thankyou to all those who have come to the HabboShed Show and the HabboShed Dance off, they have both been a good success so thankyou for turning up!
      Just before I go and watch some lovely TV, I shall give a big hint... Coming Friday is the best weekly event ever! HABBOSPLASH LOTTERY, Adios you lovely splashers.
      22 Nov 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

      Helping HabboSplash Radio!

      As you know on Habbohotel UK the fansite month is approaching and we need your help to get us on that list! Before the voting lines open on Habbo we would like to get our self known around the Hotel! If you are a person who has a lot of time on their hands and feel they would like to give something back to Habboshed. Please either go to: HabboHotel UK or HabboHotel US and click "Help and Safety" then click "Contact Us" then click the "Help Tool Image" For a Quick Link to the Help Tool Click HERE. You then need to fill in your Habbo name and email address. Then Select "I have an idea" from the drop down box. You can there let them know why you think Habboshed should be official! Give it some thought.

      Thanks Guys!
      22 Nov 2005 by Rarey

      The HabboSplash Show!

      We had a wonderful time last night with the Habboshed Show! Thanks to ShallowHole who has joined us as an Events Manager and Head News Reporter, following his reports so far we are glad to welcome him to the team!

      Please Note: If you have any spare Habbo UK Furni that is not in use please search ShallowHole this will go towards any comps or events for Habboshed!

      Once again Welcome ShallowHole to HabboSplash Radio!
      21 Nov 2005 by Rarey

      HabboSplash Show Winners

      Thankyou to everyone who came to the HabboSplash Show, The following people won a prize:

      !-Rarey-! - Great site thnx ( Dicemaster + linking imps )
      l33tish - Thnx for this template ( HC Sofa )
      DJ Blonde - Outstanding DJ Contribution award ( Petal Patch )
      DJ Clare - Great DJing during the show ( Mocha )
      RUGHI - Best audience member ( Oil lamp )

      Thankyou once again, look out for future shows!
      20 Nov 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

      HabboSplash Newsletter

      Gooday Sheder's, what do we have here then? A whole new Xciting feature to HabboShed. Each Sunday is going to be published a whole *new* newsletter, It will have competitions, Habbo Info, HabboShed Info and even articles from the staff!


      Then email how many differences there are on picture 2 compared to picture 1 ( Hint its higher than 1 and lower than 500 ) Send your entry to  including your HabboName and your entry in numbers. NOTE: Please make sure you put the subject of the email as NewsLetter Competition 1, winners will be announced in next weeks newsie!

      Finally Rarey has come out the boiler and has written the first article, this week article is from Rarey the site owner:
      Hey Guys, Rarey Here! Just to remind that the dead line to send in your fast passes is Tuesday! So if you would like to attend the HabboSplash Dance off on Wednesday 23rd November Check the Events page! Make sure your checking the events page regularly due to there will be alot of NEW events added for Christmas!

      Thankyou for reading this weeks HabboSplash Newsletter, ShallowHole
      20 Nov 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

      Dance Club

      Rarey and all of the staff are planning a fun filled fantabulous dance show, not only will HabboSplash listeners be there but also HabboSplash DJ's! To get your hands on the most sort after pass this year ( The Dancing Fast Pass ) Click the new events tab for all the info!
      19 Nov 2005 by ShallowHole - Event Manager, Head News Reporter

      Christmas Time

      With Christmas just around the corner Habbo UK is going crazy! Catch up on all the latest news, gossip and competitions here on HabboSplash News 24!

      The *new* news team would like to welcome you to the new non-stop news feature... Look out for the news which will be appearing on the screen shortly!



      Contact at


      Come and have a SPLASHING time!